Director of Nursing

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Director of Nursing


Supervisor: Administrator

Supervises: Pre-op, Surgery, PACU and Phase II Recovery Staff

Mission and Values:

In the performance of one’s job, the employee reflects the Mission by participating in the provision of convenient cost-effective, quality surgical care.







Job Summary:

Competent to fulfill the staff nurse positions in O.R., P.A.C.U., Pre- and Post-operative care and is responsible for the coordination of care provided in these units on a daily basis, collaborating closely with the Administrator.  May utilize charge personnel in clinical areas as is deemed necessary.

Key Areas of Responsibility:


  1. Assesses staffing needs according to scheduled cases and patient needs and appropriate staff and skill mix.
  2. Continuously assesses progression of the daily schedule and adjusts staffing assignments as needed to provide optimum patient care and productivity.
  3. Assists Administrator in assessing in-service / educational needs of staff and makes recommendations.
  4. Assesses equipment and supply needs based on scheduled cases.  Assists in evaluation of new equipment and supplies.  Remains in compliance with contract purchasing to the extent that clinical conditions allow.
  5. Assists Administrator in monitoring employee performance by giving verbal input to and by documenting behaviors in a chronological format.
  6. Assists the Administrator and staff in development of the Quality Improvement Program in the clinical areas.  Coordinates collection of data and works collaboratively with the Administrator and staff to interpret data; and to plan and implement techniques for improvement.
  7. Communicates assessments to the Administrator in a timely manner.


  1. Plans staffing according to identified needs and staffing pattern to meet physician needs, and communicates schedule to staff in advance.
  2. Assists the Administrator in planning in-service/education experiences for staff.  Assists staff members in planning to meet identified educational needs and goal achievement.
  3. Plans to assure that needed equipment and supplies are available, in a timely manner, for scheduled cases.


  1. Makes staffing assignments according to planned needs and available staff. Coordinates schedule and demonstrates flexibility when schedule or staffing availability changes.  Arranges for provision of breaks and lunch for staff.
  2. Assists Administrator in development and documentation of in-service/educational offerings for staff and physicians. Conducts regular education offering during monthly staff meeting.
  3. Provides for needed equipment and supplies according to planned needs.
  4. Assists Administrator in employee performance evaluations.
  5. Monitors quality of patient care in units.  Coordinates interventions and communicates outcomes to the Administrator.
  6. Acts as a resource person to physicians, patients, staff, orientees, students, and visitors.
  7. Communicates significant information to the Administrator in a timely manner.nCompletes written documentation as requested and/or per policy.
  8. Facilitates decision-making and problem solving within the units.
  9. In collaboration with the Administrator, facilitates achievement of unit goals which are in harmony with those of Administration, the Managing Member, and the Surgery Center Advisory Board.
  10. Responsible for operations of the clinical units in the absence of the Administrator.


  1. Performs in a manner which demonstrates accountability, utilizing sound decision making skills and nursing judgement.
  2. Participates in Quality Improvement Program activities including identification of aspects of care, collection and analysis of data, formulation of recommendations, and implementation of an improvement plan and evaluation of the process.

Minimum Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  2. State of New Jersey Nursing License
  3. Same as Registered Nurse Position Description with demonstrated strong clinical skills. Three to five years of progressively more responsible experience in a supervisory capacity with demonstrated leadership ability.  Experience in an ambulatory surgery center environment preferred.
  4. Excellent decision-making skills.
  5. Excellent interpersonal communication skills and demonstrated ability to supervise others.
  6. Ability to perform effectively in a variety of stressful situations in the peri-operative setting.
  7. Demonstrates basic competencies related to the Center’s policies and procedures.
  8. Demonstrates understanding of a Quality Improvement process.

Working Conditions:

  1. Accountability to Administrator.
  2. Normal peri-operative environment with exposure to chemical odors, cleaning solvents and other hazardous materials.  Must follow established procedures to ensure safety.
  3. Exposure to possible injury when working with electrical equipment and lasers which require care and following proper safety procedures.

Based upon the OSHA guidelines for protection against occupational exposure to Hepatitis and HIV, this position is described as Category I.  This means that this position has exposure to blood and body fluids.  Policies are in place for Universal Precautions identifying exposure risks and appropriate barrier protection.

The above is intended to describe the general content and requirements for the performance for this position.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.


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